Bulso $100 Million Verdict in Nissan Case Sustained Following Post-Trial Motions.

On September 2, 2021, Bulso PLC attorneys Gino Bulso and Paul Krog obtained a jury verdict awarding Nissan North America Inc. a total of $97.5 million in compensatory damages for fraud, breach of contract, and related claims against several California dealers and their owners. That verdict was subsequently increased by an award of attorney’s fees totaling $2.68 million and $26.38 million in prejudgment interest. The jury awarded, and the trial court confirmed, an award of $20 million in punitive damages against one of the individual defendants.

On March 7, 2022, the Davidson County Chancellor denied the defendants’ post-trial motions, affirming the jury’s verdict (and her own prior post-trial rulings) in every respect. The case will now go on appeal to the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

The case is Nissan North America Inc. v. West Covina Nissan LLC, No. 16-883-BC, in the Chancery Court for Davidson County.