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The law can be complicated. Litigation can be hard. You can view those facts as challenges to embrace, or as problems to avoid. We take the former approach so our clients don’t have to. Fortune 500 companies, homeowners, and individuals and businesses everywhere in between have trusted Bulso’s lawyers to handle hard cases and complicated problems.

Those cases span a wide gamut of commercial, business, and real-estate areas at trial and on appeal. The types of clients we have helped and the array of industries in which their problems have arisen are just as wide.

We’re litigators—we represent clients at trial, or in mediation or arbitration, and on appeal—but that doesn’t mean we look at every case the same. We want to know our clients and understand their business: we think that better equips us to advance the client’s interests, whether in or out of the courtroom. The better we understand where you want to be, the better we can help you get there.

Some things in litigation, though, do stay constant. The party that can put on its evidence and arguments most cogently and memorably has a big leg up in the courtroom. Our attorneys use technology to help gain that edge. From the use of videotaped depositions and evidence-presentation software at trial to employing internal hyperlinks to make appellate briefs easier for judges to navigate, we strive to utilize the best tools available to present our client’s cases in the most advantageous manner. And that is without even mentioning the time and effort to be saved by today’s e-discovery tools in the right hands.

Another constant in litigation is that attorneys need to know the law, particularly the procedural and evidentiary rules that govern how lawsuits unfold. One would think these would be a priority for all lawyers, but experience suggests otherwise. But at Bulso, our lawyers know they can’t get good results for clients without knowing the rules inside and out, and so they make it a point to do so.

Success in the courtroom requires hard work, attention to detail, and doing even little things right. Even then, it’s rarely simple. So if you have a legal problem, whether it’s a brand-new one or one that’s already become an appeal, you want someone who is up to the challenge. Call us.

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