Remember your cross-appeal

In the Tennessee Court of Appeals, litigants can raise whatever issues they want, regardless of which party filed the notice of appeal. The party simply needs to identify the issue as such and formulate an argument, assuming it was preserved in the trial court. But in federal courts, the only issues available for an appellee […]

Bulso PLC Opens

Gino Bulso, Eric Smith and Paul Krog have announced the formation of Bulso PLC, a trial and appellate practice litigation boutique firm.  Bulso PLC recently completed the build out of 7,700 square feet of office space on the top floor of the Ramparts Building in Maryland Farms. The firm’s address is Bulso PLC, 155 Franklin […]

Bulso Attorneys Win Privilege Decision on Appeal

The Tennessee Court of Appeals recently issued a published decision in favor of a Bulso PLC client on an evidentiary-privilege question. The court held that the opposing litigant had to produce communications between herself and a former attorney because she had failed to prove the elements of the privilege as to any of the communications. […]