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Krog's Business Cases: A Quarterly Judicial Review

The KBC Report: About Us

1. What is this thing? The KBC Reportfor “Krog’s Business Cases” Report—is a quarterly publication collecting brief summaries of appellate decisions that might be of interest to Tennessee businesses, business owners, and counsel representing both. 

2. What are new issues published? Following each quarter: January, April, July, and October of each year. 

3. The first issue was a pdf. I don’t like pdfs. We’re planning on producing subsequent issues in a different format.

4. What is your range of coverage? We focus most broadly on decisions of Tennessee’s appellate courts. We don’t feature Tennessee decisions that are non-citable. Nor do we generally feature personal-injury, medical-malpractice, worker’s compensation, domestic, or criminal cases unless these feature some notable feature of broader interest. A personal-injury case about comparative fault won’t be featured here, though a personal-injury case about vicarious liability might. Cases highlighting important procedural rules that show up in commercial litigation will be featured. While we’ll have a note on every citable Tennessee decision we think qualifies for inclusion, we’ll also include a more select group of federal cases from the Sixth, Fifth, Eleventh, and sometimes other Circuits.

5. Will you summarize United States Supreme Court cases? Generally speaking, no. These cases get widespread media coverage in popular and legal news, and almost anyone has ready access to analysis at multiple depths as soon as the Court grants certiorari. Because coverage of those cases would not be unique, we generally are not going to provide it.

6. Why no worker’s comp [or those other categories]? Our effort here is to focus on issues that might arise in general commercial litigation, not because other areas are not important, but because drawing lines allows us to keep the Report to a manageable size. We will from time to time feature cases in these areas, like worker’s comp, but will try to limit our coverage to cases of note.

7. Will you have in-depth analysis? As a general rule, no. In order to maintain a broad scope and keep a quarterly publication to a usable length, we want to stick to thumbnail sketches. Our goal is to identify a case that might matter to the reader and provide insight on why it might be worth the reader’s attention, not to be a substitute for actually reading it. Thus, we stick to short, sometimes pithy, summaries that get to the heart of the case’s relevance for a business litigant.

8. “Krog’s Business Cases” is a pretty boring name. Sure, but so is “Prosser on Torts.”

9. Do you write anything other than the quarterly report? We’ll put some of the case notes, or 280-character versions of them, and other appellate-law tidbits, on Twitter (link on the sidebar). Occasional blogging content may show up at


The KBC Report is a quarterly collection of judicial decisions of interest to Tennessee businesses. We provide a sketch of every citable Tennessee appellate opinion, and select federal courts of appeal opinions, that might matter to Tennessee business owners or in-house counsel. Subscribe to get the next issue in your inbox, or follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates. Home


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