Appellate Litigation

Successfully prosecuting or defending an appeal takes more than simply putting a new cover page on the papers filed in the trial court. State and federal appellate courts have unique rules and standards, and litigants appearing in them need unique paths to success. 

At Bulso PLC, we have the tools and experience that clients need to win on appeal. We can work with your trial counsel at the summary-judgment, trial, and post-trial stage to ensure that the issues that matter for your case are preserved for appeal. And when the time for appeal comes, we can present those issues to the appellate court clearly, vigorously, and effectively. 

Our attorneys have won appeals working by themselves, and they have won appeals collaborating with national counsel coordinating a client’s response to litigation in multiple states. We are ready to assist clients on or facing the prospect of appeal no matter the size or complexity of their cases and no matter how large or small their legal teams. Whether the case is in a rural county, on a metropolitan business docket, or even in a bankruptcy court, getting and keeping a good result in litigation could entail an appeal, one that Bulso PLC can tackle.