Business & Commercial Litigation

Being good at business can’t always keep you from needing attorneys. At Bulso PLC, our attorneys specialize in handling disputes concerning businesses, investments, and real property. We have successfully represented individuals and business entities in all manner of cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants: claims of securities fraud and imprudent investment, wrongful competition and non-compete agreements, intellectual property, construction defects, commercial lease disputes, breach of contract, disputes arising from business divorces or the purchase and sale of business entities, ownership conflicts within closely held businesses, breach of fiduciary duty, insurance-coverage disputes, claims over property titles, and land-use disputes involving local governments. 

We have represented clients in these kinds of cases in state and federal trial courts as well as in bankruptcy courts and arbitrations. 

Our leading trial attorney, Gino Bulso, has focused exclusively on this kind of litigation for decades. His approach focuses on examining all the details of a case to identify the straightest path to success. Our track record shows that’s a winning strategy, no matter how big or small, straightforward or complex, the case may be.