Employees & Business Owners

Many businesses make use of specialized knowledge or relationships. The law allows them to protect their interests in those areas through agreements when employees or owners leave. But the extent of those protections can be limited and difficult to navigate, and some restrictions are unenforceable, even if the parties agree to them. At Bulso PLC, our attorneys have extensive experience and success handling disputes over the enforcement of agreements that limit former employees’ or owners’ right to compete against their previous business, as well as with other legal rules, such as those governing trade secrets and fiduciary duty, that govern the ways former owners and employees can compete. We have represented both sides of these disputes, getting the best results permissible for employers and protecting former employees against overreaching. 

Another area of the law that protects a business’s operations is intellectual property. If another business infringes on your trademarks—the words and symbols with which customers identify your business—or your copyrights, the law may allow you to stop the infringer and recover damages. At Bulso PLC our attorneys have successfully represented clients in just these kinds of situations.